Compact white residence in Kobe by Tato Architects

Located in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Japan, this residence has a contemporary design and a compact shape. It was designed by Tato Architects and it was completed in 2008. The house sits on a site measuring 139.87 square meters.The site is located in a very beautiful area with views of the mountains and the city. The views are wonderful but they always come with a price.

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It’s the shape and conditions on the site. This made the project very challenging.The particular site conditions made things more difficult than usual but the architects eventually found a solution for each difficulty. The shape of the building was dictated by the shape and orientation of the land. The parallelogram-shaped structure was designed vertically so that the client would be able to admire and enjoy the views.

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The interior of the house is divided into two volumes. The east side and the west side have similar structures and shapes with slight differences. They are separated by a stairwell. This created a semi-opened space in between the two volumes, like a private courtyard. Both volumes have a total of nine rooms. Both volumes have small windows of various dimensions complemented by large glass walls that create a nice connection with the outdoors. The interior is mostly white, just like the exterior. It features accent features in bright colors and an overall minimalist and modern appearance.{found on archdaily}.