Compact Office Unit

Most of us are caught in a daily routine that very often means going to work, coming home, grabbing a beer, preparing some food, relaxing, friends and so on. There are though people who are willingly or constrained taking their work home and probably they work until morning to be ready for a new day at the office.

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Taking a step back and looking at some facts I think this “taking your work home with you” activity is a phase in everybody’s career; we all took some files home to work on numbers or to get a project done within the deadline. Because you never know when you will have to do some work from your house I recommend caution, not by avoiding work but by having in your house a little something that can be transformed in working station.

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It is a small wooden unit with a tempered-glass top that offers enough space for some papers, office accessories and a monitor. The pullout shelf is great for a keyboard or a laptop. Beneath there’s a storage drawer for all your office accessories and underneath there’s another larger drawer for all your files. It can be yours if you want it for $480 but I can’t guarantee you that will make work more pleasant; what I can guarantee though is that this will look great in all interiors in that rich tobacco color.