Compact Apartment With Folding Walls And Tons Of Hidden Storage[Video]

In an apartment, size is, of course, important. However, even more important than that is the interior design. A truly functional space is one that focuses on versatility and multi-functionality. We have the perfect example. This apartment used to be a studio. After a major renovation it became a one-bedroom home.


Apartment smart wall

At a first glimpse, the apartment seems very simple and doesn’t really offer many possibilities. But this first impression is deceiving as there’s more than meets the eye here. Let’s start with the walls. Technically, there are no walls here.

Apartment smart

The bedroom is separated from the kitchen and work area by a sliding wall which offer privacy when the bedroom is being used and which hides elements that are not needed the rest of the time. And if you thought this is ingenious wait till you see the rest.

Table storage1

Table storage

Apartment smart1

There’s a lot of storage in this apartment and it’s all hidden. The kitchen, for example, has many compartments and niches which are invisible to the eye when not needed or used. The same goes for the bathroom. The mosaic tile hides cleverly positioned storage spaces.

Bathroom storage1

Bathroom storage

The living area also features many secret compartments. Everywhere you look, you can be certain that you haven’t seen all. There’s a lot to discover in this apartment. It’s all so functional and so well though that size becomes irrelevant.{found on faircompanies}.