The Compact And Movable Kitchen That Can Simplify Your Life

The constant desire to maximize functionality in the kitchen and to fit as many features in as little space as possible has inspired a lot of ingenious designs and interesting creations. One of them is Flix Live, a very compact and also mobile kitchen unit that packs a lot of great and useful things inside its small body. We discovered it at this year’s Maison&Objet exhibition and, since we always like to share good ideas, we’ll tell you a little bit more about this ingenious product.

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This super compact kitchen is made of hardwood and comes in two choices of color: white or brown. It’s manufactured in Germany and designed with the help of professional chefs and food specialists.

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Don’t be fooled by its small dimensions. The unit features fold-out wings on three of the four sides and these can be used in lots of different ways. The standard model also comes with lots of nice features.

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For example, there’s a charcoal grill made of stainless steel which comes with a matching lid. It occupies one of the wings and it allows you to use this as a BBQ station. The grill measures 32 x 53 cm. It’s a feature that makes this compact kitchen great for spaces like the garden, terrace or porch.

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Another useful feature is the large chopping board made of either solid wood or synthetic material, depending on your preferences. It lets you turn one of the wings into a prep station. In addition to that, the six container placed underneath the board let you easily chop and then store and organize everything without using any more counter space.

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The design of this movable kitchen unit also incorporates built-in LED lighting which lets you set the right mood every time while also offering accent lighting for areas that need it. For example, if you choose to take this outside the lighting would surely come in handy after sunset.

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A two-burner electric stove is another of the features that come with the standard version of the Flix Live kitchen. That’s quite enough considering the small dimensions of the unit as well as its intended purpose and the fact that it’s meant to have a multifunctional design.

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You can use this station in a variety of different ways. Fold down one two or three wings so you can achieve the level of functionality required by the task at hand. When it its compact form, the unit occupies very little space and this makes storage a breeze.

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When all three wings and in use the unit looks quite futuristic. Keep in mind that the main goal was to make it as functional and practical as possible and given that we’re quite impressed with the looks.

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Those drawers that occupy one of the sides hide even more useful features. The larger drawer, for example, is actually a spice station. It stores 12 stainless steel containers and there’s some space left for a few extra ones as well.

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The rest of the drawers can be used for the storage of kitchen tools and accessories like forks, knives, spatulas and other things. The station also comes with four porcelain plates and oil and vinegar bottles. It even has a built-in scale.

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Optional features and accessories include a soup station, a wok burner, an electric grill, cooling or hot plates and a fryer. You can customize your own mobile kitchen with any of these and make it perfect for you and your home.

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This compact and multifunctional kitchen station can be easily rolled out on the deck, terrace, taken in the garden or back yard or even up on the roof. It’s designed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.