Monastery turned into a residential complex

This contemporary loft apartment has a very interesting story. The space used to be part of a former monastery. It’s located in Milan, Italy and it was an uninhabited space until Milan-based studio took over the project that was meant to turn that space into an attic duplex apartment. The monastery was being remodeled and converted into a residential complex. This particular space was the perfect setting for the architects to create a duplex apartment.

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The loft was created by connecting two adjacent units. The shell was kept intact while the interior was completely restructured and remodeled. The unit was then turned into a very large open space. The interior is minimalist from all points of view. An enclosed box is the private area. It includes a small bedroom and two bathrooms. The rest of the apartment is an open space that contains the main areas.

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The entry to the apartment is through a small foyer. The small dimensions of this space were strategically chosen. This way the dramatic effect is even stronger when passing the foyer and entering the main gallery. It’s a large area that includes the living spaces, the kitchen, the dining and the living room.

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These spaces are separated from the master bedroom by a lacquered block. Given the fact that the loft was originally composed of two different apartments, the height of the ceilings is impressive. To make the space feel less empty but without interfering with the overall minimalist decor, a video projector plays images on the wall above the kitchen.

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The two levels of the duplex are connected via a very beautiful staircase. The floors throughout are covered with Canadian maple. They are insulated and so are the walls and the ceilings. Moreover, the walls that separate the different areas have also been covered with a led layer for acoustical insulation.

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Not only that the loft is minimalist, modern and has a futuristic look but it’s also fully automated and managed by a server which is located in the studio from the second floor. Everything inside the duplex was custom designed and its been carefully chosen to follow the same design and to create a continuous image.