Commercial Building in India by Cadence Architects

Splice is nothing else than a commercial building in India. What makes it so special? First, it looks like a wall, but a modern one. It was conceived as a three-dimensional composition and was given a new identity and a new vision, identity and experience being the key- concepts according to which it was designed. The general impression is that of a dynamic construction, a commercial complex, which looks like a big glass box. The shape is very interesting in its similarity with a wall, while the whiteness provides an elegant air.

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The wide glass windows reveal not only a nice perspective over the surrounding area, but also information concerning the numerous facilities the centre has. At night, the building seems to defy the sky, trying to prove that people can also do great things. There are some trapezoid – shaped windows contributing to the general modern aspect of the construction.

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The interior is in the same note of modern: from the shape of the furniture pieces, the way of disposing the products, to the colored shelves with all sort of decorative objects and items that delight the eye. The ceiling is geometrically shaped, the lighting is discreet and modern and every little corner seems to have been designed by Cadence Architects in order to please the eye of the visitor.