Commanding a Presence: Dark Accent Walls that Make a Statement

Adding drama and sophistication to your interiors can often be a challenge.  Whether you are trying to determine the best way to execute a color scheme or you want a bold look that is different from your neighbor’s home, dark accent walls may be the answer. Accent walls can come in a variety of shades, colors, patterns and textures and dark colors always command a presence regardless of what room it is. Here are some inspirational ideas you probably haven’t considered when making a statement in your interiors.

accent walls dark living room
Add drama to your interiors with dark accent walls

Choosing the right colors for your accent wall:

Look to your color palette of your room before deciding what are the best dark colors to consider. Dark chocolate browns and deep smoky gray are trending interiors colors that add a dramatic but natural tone to your room. For more organic tones consider deep hunter greens, bold burgundy or even try a midnight black for a striking contrast to your furniture. Try out a few colors on a wall and ensure you have plenty of natural light to counterbalance the deep colors. If you don’t have enough natural light your interiors will fall dark and unwelcoming.

accent walls dark bedroom
Ensure plenty of natural light sources in your dark accented room

Which room needs more sophistication?

Bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms are the number one rooms to add attention grabbing color. In your bedroom choose your bed wall and instantly create a focal point in your drab bedroom. For higher contrast, use white, tan, gray or lighter neutrals to contrast your dark accent wall in your living and dining rooms. White built-in bookshelves can make a dark fireplace wall have instant appeal and pizazz. If you feel the color is too dark, try out a corner of the wall with paint, or wallpaper for a few days at different times of the day and test out how you and your family respond to the color.

accent walls navy and white
Use neutral colors to create a high contrast

Accent walls with varying materials

While paint is the most popular way to attain dark colored accent walls, there are other finishes that can lend the same drama but with texture and depth to their surface. Wood elements used for casework can build up your average drywall surface to mimic the look of paneling. Try using 2 x 4’s and similar wood dimensions and then paint over them for a customized and designer look. Also use natural finishes such as wood, slate, and dark colored rocks to accent your wall instead of paint.

accent walls dark dining room
Build your own paneled wall
accent walls dark wood wall
Accent walls can be enhanced with natural materials instead of paint

Your interiors just got a cosmetic boost with these helpful accent walls to add color to your home. Choose from deep colors reminiscent of nature and add sophistication with contrasting paint or natural finish materials. However, you choose to bring dark colors into your interiors, an accent wall will instantly transform your home.

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