Comfy Moroccan leather pouffe

Poufs are usually used as additional seats when there are not enough chairs, armchairs or not enough space on the sofa. They are very practical as they are easy to move around and they take relatively little space. Also, there are a lot of different designs to choose from. Today it’s time for a Moroccan pouffe. It’s a very beautiful item and it’s made in Marrakech.

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The pouffe features a round shape and it’s covered with leather, in a dark chocolate finish. Notice on the top the beautiful embroidered design.You can only get something this beautiful when it’s handmade. Moreover, the leather has an antique finish, thus creating a rustic look.Such en elegant pouffe would beautifully integrate in any interior design. You can successfully place it in the living room, around the coffee table or in the bedroom, maybe as a comfy seat near the window. As for the size, the dimensions are diameter 53 x height 28 cm (21 x 11 inches).

The pouffe is delivered unstuffed. The same design is also available in a lighter finish, also in leather. You can buy this particular item for $133. There are also other similar designs, like the Moroccan drum-shaped pouffe or the Moroccan square leather pouffe, which are all equally elegant and cozy and come in different colors.