Comfy DIY floor poufs

Poufs are great seating units as they are compact, simple and comfortable. They can be used both as a footstool and ottoman and they also have beautiful designs that make them wonderful decorations for the home. They are great accent pieces and are perfect for introducing color, texture and print into a décor. The best part about them is that you can make them yourself if you want to. Here’s how.

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But some rugs that you really like to use as covers for the poufs. Also, buy some filler and sewing needles because you’re going to need them as well. Start by cutting down the rugs into two pieces each. If you want to maintain the same dimensions as the ones in the photos, then one piece should measure 23’’ x 23’’ and the other one 12’’ x 23’’. After cutting one rug, continue with another one the same way. The third rug should also be cut down into additional 12’’ x 23’’ pieces.

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Next it’s time for sewing. Follow the instructions shown in the pictures. After you attach all six pieces you’ll have to sew the corners. Finally, attach two sides to the bottom of the pouf. You’ll also need to add a zipper if you want the cover to be removable or you can just sew the opening closed after filling. You can use beanbag filling and make sure you use enough for the poufs to maintain their shape. It’s quite simple and ti would be a nice week-end project.{found