Comfortable X-Rocker Pro Series Wireless Game Chair

If you’re a passionate gamer then we have a special treat for you. This is the X-Rocker Pro Series Wireless Game Chair. As the name clearly suggests, it’s a comfortable chair with multiple technological improvements, including wireless. The chair was designed by Ace Bayou and it costs $219.98 but, unfortunately, it only ships in contiguous USA.

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The chair is the perfect combination of comfort and technology. It includes 4 speakers and a subwoofer and it’s compatible with PS3, Xbox360, Wii, PSP and more. The chair combines core AFM technology which allows vibration to transfer the rumbling of an adjustable subwoofer into the back of the chair, and wireless resulting in an innovative piece of furniture. The X-Rocker Pro features a wood and metal frame mounted on a chrome-plated pedestal base. It has black vinyl upholstery and silver flip-up arms. The overall dimensions of this product are 30L x 23W x 40.25H inches. The chair comes with audio cables and AC Adaptor.

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The X-Rocker Pro Series Wireless Game Chair is very comfortable and has a futuristic design that goes nicely with its technological capabilities. It was designed for gamers and it offers you the possibility to completely immerge in the virtual world. It was designed to amplify sound and to enhance your gaming experience. Besides the built-in speakers and subwoofer, the chair also features a audio tilt, swivel and vibration. It’s a remarkable piece of furniture with an innovative design. It’s guaranteed to offer you a unique and enhance gaming experience. It can also be great for movies.