Comfortable ORBIT by Richard Frinier

In summer one of the things that I like best is sun bathing. I love when m skin gets a brown color and most of all lying on the ground and getting all the hot rays of sun on me. The heat of the sun makes me feel relaxed and nice. Whether I choose to go to the mountains or the sea side I always take my bathing suit with me so that I can enjoy a nice sun bathing. Perhaps those who live in these areas are even luckier. They may enjoy this thing all the time and maybe the presence of an ORBIT would make these relaxing moments even more pleasant.

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ORBIT is a very relaxing and large round sofa-island designed by Richard Frinier who was declared by Metropolitan Home magazine as ranking among the Top 100 Designs in the World.

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This type of sofa is perfect for outdoor areas where you can relax and enjoy its generous space and comfort. You may share these pleasant moments with the others who also can join you. The big advantage of ORBIT is its easy gliding casters which can provide you a perfect position in the sun by moving ORBIT according to your wishes. You may also relax and take advantage of some privacy so that nobody can disturb you.

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ORBIT looks like a huge shell which can hide a precious perl.Its design will make you think of the sandy, hot beaches and the blue sea where you can admire the beautiful shells on the beach and the attractive blue of the sea.