Comfortable Napa chairs with optional slipcovers

Chairs are such a basic piece of furniture… Everyone has in their home at least 2 chairs. And once you’ve purchased them, you can be sure you’ll be having them in your home for a long long time. So it’s not news when people often get bored of chairs. The problem is that they are still functional so you can’t just throw them away for no reason, just because you got bored of them.

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Napa might have a solution for that problem. The Napa chairs are available with optional slipcovers. This way, whenever you feel the need to change the atmosphere, you can just add or change the slipcovers. Each one of them is tailored specifically for the Napa chairs, so the fit is perfect. And they are machine-washable.

The chairs are crafted using hardwood frame, legs and backrest and they are available in 2 different colors: beige and red. For a quick change of color and style you can order more colorful slipcovers.Available from 49$.