Comfortable and colorful sofa designed by Josef Frank

Josef Frank, the designer who came up with this beautiful sofa was also the one who designed the Liljevalch Easy Chair and Sofa, two iconic creations that were presented at the Liljevalch Art Gallery. You can find out more about them in another one of our articles. This particular sofa has a lot in common with those two pieces. They share similar designs and the same colorful and fun look.This sofa was also designed in the late 1930s but it’s still a beautiful piece with a modern twist, the type that would look lovely in a modern living room.

The sofa has an exotic look, both chic and cozy-looking. It’s a very comfortable piece of furniture. It features a simple design with a wooden frame, stuffed with foam rubber/polyether and synthetic batting and it’s soft and comfortable.

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The back of the sofa is divided into three units. The cushions have a double-spring system that provides maximum comfort. The overall dimensions of the sofa are 80 cm L x 280 cm D x 140 cm H x 45 cm seat height. Also, the upholstery is customizable and can vary in terms of texture, fabric and colors. The sofa can be purchased for the price of 10,600 euros. It would look lovely in a modern living room but expensive for a simple sofa. However, since it has such a busy design, the rest of the room should be simple.