Comfortable 3 Seater Sofa from Natural Fibers by Yves Dever

Nowadays fashion  trends and interior designs are allways trying to combine features from from our lives.We are allways on the move, allways caught in something a non stop movement.Our homes have to keep up with us and to provide exactly what we need.Being allways on the run, when we come home we need to charge our batteries as quicly as possible.Some of us manage to do that by taking long naps, some by spending quality time with their families, or any  other activity.But for doing that you need a setting.

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A place in which you can relax and loosen up a little bit.This sofa here is not only trendy and stylish,   but really comfortable too.It is designed by Yves Dever for the Interni Edition and it definitely conceived  for a super cozy interior.Its dimensions ( 228x90x66 cm ) are just right for allmost any place.Not to large but still spacious this sofa is ready to recive you in the best sitting conditions.

The material used to fabricate this sofa is called Waterhyacinth  and its an aquatic plant  native to tropical and sub-tropical South America.The roots from this plant were woven and  created the structure for the cushions also made from natural fibers, but this time cotton is the key element.Giving the nature of this item manufacturers  offer also  fabrics like silk colored in brown and gray or linen availiable in the taupe and dark gray color pallete.