Come Dine with Me: Don’t Just Wow Your Guests with Delicious Food

If you like to host dinner parties then you should make sure it’s not only your food that impresses. Of course presenting tasty dishes is imperative. But you need to create the right ambiance too and this largely stems from the way your dining room is decorated and the table is presented. The following tips will ensure your guests are wowed before any food is put on their plate.

Round dining table.

Round dining table great view

A round dining table is highly recommended. Not only does it look great, but it makes sure that all of your guests are included. There is nothing worse than going to a dinner party and being stuck on the end of a long rectangular dinning table. Nevertheless, definitely don’t try and cram too many people around the table. Use the following guidelines; 36 inch to 44 inch table for four people, 44 to 54 inch table for six people, and 60 to 70 inch table for eight people.

Upholstered dining chairs.

Elegant dining room

This type of dining chair is the best to go for because not only does it look luxurious and lavish but it is extremely comfortable too. Nobody wants to spend hours and hours sitting on an uncomfortable chair; that’s for sure! Yet when buying dining chairs sometimes people get distracted by style and the contemporary dining chairs available at the moment are usually not the best to sit on.

Bold dining room

Alternatively, people feel obliged to buy a dining set; table and chairs included. This can limit chair selection. Nevertheless, buying both products separately is always the recommended route to go down.

Stunning light fixture.

Dining lighting fixtures

Sunburts lighting fixtures1

Traditional dining room

This is a must-have addition for anybody who is looking to bring the wow factor to their dining area. A unique and beautiful light fixture placed above your dining table will work to dramatic effect. It is something everyone will notice and will undoubtedly be impressed by. Here are some great examples you can take inspiration from…


Glass dining table.

Glass dining rable top

Modern glass top dining table1

A glass dining table is a great option because it looks classy and contemporary. It’s perfect for any modern style dining room. Not only this, but it presents you with a blank canvas. This means you can add any colours or materials you would like. Furthermore, you can easily change the style of the room without having to spend money on replacing the table.

Table centrepieces.

Flower centerpiece1

Canlde centerpiece

And last but not least, your table centrepiece is imperative. It adds a focal point and is bound to create a lot of attention. It has the capacity to set the tone for the theme of the room. The great thing about table centrepieces is the fact that they tend to be inexpensive and thus you can change them on a regular basis. A good idea is to change with the seasons. Here’s some great suggestions you can take inspiration from…

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