Rome Apartment Seamlessly Mixes Rustic And Modern Features

Two styles that are completely different can sometimes complement each other in surprising ways. One example is the combination between rustic and modern elements which is often used in interior design when trying to establish a warm, inviting and cozy environment. The Via Sistina Apartment features this exact combination of styles.

Via Sistina Apartment stone walls in living room

The apartment is located in Rome, Italy and was designed by Serene Romano and completed in 2015. Its whole interior décor is very pleasant and welcoming. The color palette chosen includes neutral shades mostly based on earthy tones.

Via Sistina Apartment living room pendant and table

In addition, the materials and finishes used throughout offer the rooms a lot of character while maintaining a beautiful link between the styles. The most remarkable characteristic is the series of stone walls that pretty much define each of the rooms in the apartment. In the living room this element plays a crucial role.

Via Sistina Apartment red accent chair in living room

These accent walls are complemented by simple white portions and by exposed wooden beams with a dark stain finish. The wooden floor completes the look, being the link between the modern and the rustic. What’s interesting is that this room is quite minimalistic, featuring little furniture with mainstream designs. But apart from that, there are also a few accent elements that add a small industrial twist to the décor, elements such as the pendant light above the seating area or the metal and glass coffee table.

Via Sistina Apartment industrial coffee table

A velvet upholstered chair adds a bright touch of color to the room while also drawing attention to the TV wall and the carefully positioned sconces designed to set a pleasant ambiance.

Via Sistina Apartment kitchen dining table and chairs

The kitchen and the dining area share the same space. It’s a spacious but not particularly large room. White glossy cabinets offer lots of storage and hide the large appliances. Wood and stone continue to be a defining accent feature for the space.

Via Sistina Apartment kitchen island and extension
Via Sistina Apartment kitchen cabinets and pendant lamps

A simple table accessorized with classical white chairs fills the center of the room and two low-hanging pendant lamps highlight it from above. The table is actually an extension for a small kitchen island with built-in storage.

Via Sistina Apartment bedroom stone wall

A peaceful and relaxing ambiance defines the bedroom. The earthy color palette based mostly on white with beige and brown accents is complemented by a lovely light blue chair placed in one of the corners. The lack of window treatments allow the light to enter the room while also exposing the bedroom to the outside world.

Via Sistina Apartment bedroom white walls and blue chair
Via Sistina Apartment bedroom headboard and stone wall

The headboard wall has a unique design, featuring a mixture of patterns created using different types of stone which, put together, create an eye-catching feature. Accent lighting evenly illuminates the room.

Via Sistina Apartment second bedroom decor
Via Sistina Apartment second bedroom door and dresser

The second bedroom shares very similar characteristics. An interesting element here is the dresser which doubles as a desk whenever needed. The door is also eye-catching, featuring carved details and a rustic appearance.

Via Sistina Apartment bathroom walk-in shower
Via Sistina Apartment bathroom wall tile bathroom

The apartment has two bathrooms. One is an en-suite with a walk-in shower and a gray-based chromatic palette. Accessories such as a wooden ladder that doubles as a towel hanger or a sculptural mirror frame offer this room character. The wall-mounted vanity allows it to feel more spacious while the random tile pattern on the walls breaks the monotony of the décor.

Via Sistina Apartment bathroom mosaic on wall

The second bathroom combines patterned tiles with stone, white walls and modern details. A large mirror creates a sense of spaciousness in the room which is emphasized by the presence of a sleek wall-mounted vanity.