Colroful Vivace stoneware mosaic from Ceramiche Atlas Concorde

Tiles and mosaics are great for the bathroom. They help protect the walls from all the moisture and they can be creatively used to create dynamic and striking interior designs. Vivace is one such option. Offred by Ceramiche Atlas Concorde, the Vivace mosaics will transform the décor in the bathroom is no time.

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They can help create vivid wall decors with beautiful color vibrations. The Vivace mosaics are also very easy to install. They are pre-cut mosaic pieces that measure 25×45 and they are available in seven different colors, all of them vivid and bright. The Vivace collection is perfect for any design and it’s a very versatile option.

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The mosaic inserts have slightly uneven surfaces and this contributes to the shimmering effect created in contact with light. Color is very important in this case and it can make all the difference. The seven colors you can choose from are pink, green, orange, white, beige and brown. They are all very beautiful, not overly bright but still vivid and intense.

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They have a glossy finish and slightly variable nuances that allow you to create dynamic decors. The impact is strong and yet the method used is very simple. These mosaic tiles are not particularly modern in terms of concept or technique. However, they can help create very beautiful contemporary decors.