Colourful lamps from Svenssons i Lammhult

I know that many people prefer colourful walls and I also know that many believe in color therapy that claims to influence our behaviour and mood according to the colour that surrounds us. And I also know that kids’ room is supposed to be full of colour and toys, but everything is in theory. Practice has always shown us different aspects from theory and I will explain. I prefer all the walls in my house painted in white and this is not because I have some colour phobia or because I work in a hospital (I don’t).

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I simply want white walls because I have two small children who are very playful and always find something interesting to write on the walls and also there are a lot of unfortunate events that end up with big ugly stains on my walls. So I have to paint them at least three times a year. That is why I want them white. But I also like some colour in my life and I try to compensate that by adding funny and coloured furniture and lighting in the house.

So I discovered these nice colourful lamps on a Danish web site and they gave me a pretty good idea about how to cheer up a totally white and dull room. Take a look at this picture and tell me if I am right or not.

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Add some different colour chairs and some nice fruit on the table and you will feel more cheerful and start smiling out of the blue. So these guys from Denmark teach us how to create a merry welcoming atmosphere with only a few details.