Colourful apartment

Normally interior designers would advise you never to use more than three colours when decorating a room because otherwise the visual effect created is one of chaos and is maddening. Too many colours do not look well together and when you ue three there is harmony and good taste and you can combine them in a nice way without too much of a n effort. Any way, if the walls are painted in white and the furniture in the room has a neutral colour like grey or dark, you can bright up a room by bringing in many colourful decorations, as you can see in this colourful apartment. They are smaller in size so they will only bring a touch of colour to the general interior design, so the effect will be a fine one.

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Look at these pictures carefully and imagine you remove all the decorations from the room. What do you get? A very dull grey and brownish room with white walls. But if you accessorize it properly it will become a beautiful room decorated with good taste. The colourful accessories that are used are: four red leather chairs around a glass table, three orange ornamental vases, colourful small painting in black frames and a small cabinet with a white and a yellow drawer. This is enough to get a beautiful living room.{found on Desire to inspire}.