Colour Scheme: Orange and Blue

There is no colour scheme that’s quite as vibrant and exciting as orange and blue. Yet for an unknown reason it is a combination that a lot of people don’t go for as they don’t believe it will work.

Mix colors like pro orange blue

The rationale behind being encouraged to use it is because these colours lie opposite each other on the colour wheel. This is one of the most successful and well liked methods of picking a colour scheme for a room. Thus, you can be assured that they work brilliantly together.

Colour wheel

It is also worth bearing in mind the fact that this is the perfect colour combination to go for if you are looking to do a bit of decorating in the immediate future. Blue and orange are colours that are ideal for summertime. The beautiful blue casts your mind the the seaside, whilst the bold orange is reminiscent of the sun. It is always a recommended idea to inject a bit of vibrancy into your home during the summer. You definitely don’t want to stay in the dark and dreary winter mode. This colour scheme provides you with an easy and effective way of ensuring your home gets the revitalisation it needs.

Orange corner

There is obviously a massive number of different shades of orange and blue available – especially in regards to the latter. The colours you go for are dependent on the room you are decorating. In general the combination of blue and orange is one that is very powerful. Because of this it works really well in rooms whereby inspiration and energy are feelings you want to evoke.

Blue armchairs orange pillows

Orange ottoman

Nevertheless, if you wish to have a blue and orange colour scheme in your bedroom then you can so so. It is merely recommended that you go for lighter shades as this will make it feel more relaxing.

Modern bedroom orange accents

In fact this is actually a great colour scheme for a boy’s bedroom. Make the proportion of blue larger than that of orange and incorporate a dark blue shade, such as navy.

Striped orange blue walls

And finally, don’t feel limited in terms of themes. There are lots of different looks you can create through using orange and blue. A lot of people choose to play towards the vividness and electricity of the two colours. Thus they go for bright shades and modern pieces of furniture and decoration, such as abstract art, in order to create an energetic and contemporary feel.

Orange pouf

However, you can also play towards the association with the summer and thus go for a cozy beach hut / holiday villa feel. To do this you should opt for the room to be painted in a very pale shade of blue. Keep the decoration minimal yet have one or two splashes of bright orange, such as orange window shutters or an orange bed throw.

Orange blue bedroom

So there you have it; the magical combination of blue and orange. Will you be bringing this exciting trend into your home this summer?

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