Colour Scheme: Coral and Chocolate

Coral and chocolate are two colours that work beautifully together. The chocolate brings the soothing and relaxing qualities to the fore whilst the coral adds a pop of excitement and vibrancy without being overpowering.

Coral chocolate mix

This is a colour scheme that is well suited to any room whereby comfort and entertainment meet as one; a dining room, a living room, a bedroom and even an outdoor patio area.

Outdoor tablecloth

Coral is largely considered a shade only for the summer. However, when you team it with brown you turn it into a shade for all seasons. This is because the rich tone of the chocolate manages to balanace out the colour scheme.

Coral with chcolate dining table

Believe it or not; but this colour scheme is fairly easy to implement. Chocolate gives you a great scope of materials to choose from; from wood to fabric. And there are plenty of colour furniture pieces and interior accessories available in coral – especially at the moment.

Coral outdoor chairs

The easiest and arguably most effective way to use this colour scheme is to use the chocolate colour as your base and then add highlights with the coral. Colourful and bright shades always work well when they are highlighting a key feature or pattern.

Coral accessories chcolate armchair

The impact would be nowhere near as great if you used coral as the base colour and chocolate as the highlighter because the key feature or pattern you are trying to draw attention to with the chocolate would have to fight against the vibrancy of the coral.

Traditional bedroom coral accents

Use the images in this article to take inspiration for your own home. The bedroom above shows how you do not have to be rigid in terms of colour. If you want to bring in additional shades then opt for shades of orange and brown that are not as dominant as the coral and chocolate respectively.

Coral with chcolate wall paint

Furthermore, adding white accessories – such as light fixtures and table centre pieces – is always recommended. It really intensfies the chocolate and coral colours and enhances their impact.

Beding coral accents

So there you have it; chocolate and coral – the perfect amount of relaxation with a healthy dose of excitement. Are you a fan?

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