20 Black Paint Color Ideas for a Glamorous Interior

Black paint colors have a grounding effect and a modern feel in interior spaces. Various shades of red, yellow, and blue make black paint, thus its different undertones. Whether an entire room or an accent wall, black can transform any space into a bold design statement.

Black paint colors

1. Benjamin Moore Onyx

Benjamin Moore Onyx is a deep black paint that exudes luxury and sophistication. When applied to walls, it creates a dramatic and impactful look, adding depth and richness to the space.

Onyx is a great backdrop for artwork and vibrant colors like fuschia, fiery reds, and electric blues. Velvet, silk, or faux fur for upholstery, curtains, or accent pieces enhance the glamorous interior.

2. Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black

Sherwin-Williams Tricorn Black is a bold and charismatic paint color that exudes authenticity. Its ultra-darkness and low reflectivity are ideal for spaces with ample natural light. Use Tricorn Black on a single wall in compact spaces to prevent the room from feeling dark and congested.

The true black shade pairs well with crisp whites, grays, beiges, taupes, tans, mauves, rust, and wood. For a glamorous finish, use metallic accents like satin brass, chrome, and copper.

3. Behr Black Suede

Behr Black Suede undertones lean towards warmth, adding richness and complexity to the hue. Black Suede exudes a sophisticated and timeless appeal when applied to a surface.

Warm black paint colors balance sleek, modern, warm, and inviting. Use Black Suede to impact your dining room, home office, or living room.

4. Farrow & Ball Pitch Black

Pitch Black No. 256 by Farrow & Ball is a soft sheen paint with high opacity and velvety quality. It’s a versatile and striking choice for ironwork, woodwork, and walls. Consider Pitch Black color for staircases and Victorian interior design style.

The paint features Farrow & Ball’s signature chalky matte finish with a subtle 2% sheen. It’s an eco-friendly choice with zero VOC content, making it safe for allergic individuals and the environment.

5. Dunn Edwards Edge of Black

Edge of Black is a popular modern black wall living room hue. Its neutral undertones provide a balanced and sophisticated backdrop for any space. Pair it with warm wood tones or cool white accents.

The matte finish of Edge of Black suits exterior walls, doors, window trims, and kitchen cabinets. You can also paint your bedroom walls using this hue for a bold, contemporary look.

6. Valspar Dark Kettle Black

Valspar Dark Kettle Black 4011-2 paint color is a true black with a touch of softness. It’s a paint and primer in one that’s available in satin and semi-gloss finishes.

The color provides rich and fade-resistant results, ensuring durability. With excellent stain resistance, it maintains its pristine appearance even in high-traffic areas. Besides drywall, Kettle Black is suitable for metal surfaces, plaster, and wood.

7. PPG Black Magic

Black Magic features true black undertones, uniformly appearing in different lighting conditions and surfaces. With an LRV of 4, the color reflects minimal light, thus its appearance.

Pairing Black Magic with crisp whites allows the black to take center stage. Use Black Magic on accent walls, decorative trim, or kitchen cabinets for bold contrast.

8. Clare Blackish

Clare Blackish paint color is a versatile, eco-friendly choice that isn’t overly dark. This self-priming paint has two finishes: eggshell for walls and semi-gloss for trim.

The paint is Greenguard Gold Certified and low in VOCs, ensuring minimal chemical emissions. Blackish provides a sleek and modern look without the intense darkness of traditional black paints.

9. Glidden Black Elegance

Black Elegance adds a touch of refinement, combining purple’s depth and greige’s elegance. The paint color is well-suited for the exterior and interior trim when paired with lighter, greige shades.

Combining Black Elegance with lighter greige colors creates a harmonious and balanced aesthetic. Glidden Black Elegance adds sophistication and allure to any design scheme. Use this paint color to enhance architectural details or create a bold contrast.

10. Sherwin-Williams Black Fox

Sherwin Williams’ Black Fox paint is an intriguing neutral that exudes sophistication. Its warm, greige undertone is pronounced under natural light. While it can darken north-facing rooms, it shines in south-facing or afternoon light. Careful light temperature selection is crucial to maintain its true hue.

Black Fox contrasts with lighter shades and pairs well with darker ones like Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black.

11. Benjamin Moore Black Beauty

Benjamin Moore’s Black Beauty is a luxurious black paint with subtle red undertones. It exudes warmth, making it an ideal choice for front doors. Its LRV of 5.32 creates a welcoming appeal that’s also bold and dramatic.

This interior black paint pairs well with off-white trims, beige, bronze, and gray. Metallic gold accents also complement Black Beauty.

12. Behr Blackout

Behr’s Blackout N510-7 paint delivers an impressive one-coat color guarantee. It gives a deep black finish, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Blackout suits a variety of surfaces, from woodwork to plaster. The dark black color pairs well with cool grays, muted blues, and crisp whites for a modern look.

13. Farrow & Ball Railings

Farrow & Ball’s Railings paint is a soft alternative to black, leaning towards a nuanced blue. Its full gloss finish is perfect for ironwork and draws attention to the front doors. In estate eggshell finish, it lends a relaxed touch.

Railing’s blue undertones transform interiors into dramatic, intimate spaces. The cool black shade provides an ideal backdrop for artwork and metallic accents. It forms a classic-meets-modern palette when paired with dusky pinks and light grays.

14. PPG Black Flame

PPG’s Black Flame paint blends mulberry black and royal blue, a perfect black bedroom color. As PPG’s 2018 Color of the Year, it acts like a “black curtain,” letting other decor elements shine.

The color blend offers versatility, suitable for statement walls, ceilings, staircases, cabinets, and doors. It’s available in finishes ranging from matte to high gloss.

15. Dunn Edwards Black Tie

If you’re looking for a black shade that’s distinct and adaptable, Black Tie is a stylish and refined choice. Part of the Cool Neutrals Collection, it’s inspired by sophisticated black-tie events.

The gray-black tone is light enough to blend with other shades of gray. The shade also works well with royal blue or light pink, creating contrast. The paint color enhances curb appeal on front doors, exterior trim, and built-ins.

16. PPG Blackhearth

PPG’s Blackhearth paint is a dark shade with a raspberry undertone. Its versatility shines in dining rooms, accent walls, or trim when paired with yellow tones.

The subtle gray and purple hints exude modern elegance, like a black dress, transforming any space. This versatile color combines rustic shades and classic neutrals for a minimalist palette.

17. Behr Limousine Leather

Limousine Leather is one of Behr’s best warm black paint colors, with true black undertones. The paint features an LRV of 4, giving it a dark, rich hue. Behr Marquee’s Off White offsets the boldness of Limousine Leather, resulting in a harmonious balance.

Use Limousine Leather to highlight a room’s focal point. It’s also a suitable paint for the front door or the kitchen island, giving a modern finish.

18. Glidden Deep Onyx

Glidden’s Deep Onyx is a dark, cool paint with a stone undertone. It works as a primary wall hue or an accent, paired with white, for a classic look. The color is also suitable for trims and doors.

Deep Onyx harmonizes with primary hues, earthy tones, and vibrant pinks. For a modern touch, pair it with matte finishes or light-grain wood.

19. Sherwin-Williams Caviar

Caviar is an intense shade of black wall paint with slight brown undertones. Its warm, inviting undertones make it suitable as black bedroom paint. With ample lighting, Caviar can also create a cozy black living room.

Pair Caviar with neutral grays when creating a monochromatic palette. Blend Caviar with pink and blue hues for a contrasting theme. Its intense darkness may not suit hot climates with abundant sunlight since it lowers energy efficiency.

20. Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron

Benjamin Moore’s Wrought Iron is a dark-toned paint color with deep blue undertones. It delivers a bold, daring statement on kitchen islands, cabinets, interior doors, or bathroom walls. Though dark, it pairs well with clean whites for a crisp, contrasting appearance.

Wrought Iron is also ideal for exteriors, adding a dramatic, modern touch on light-colored siding or white trim. This color elevates classic farmhouse architecture when used on front doors, shutters, or garage doors.