Colors That Can Help You Sleep Better

It’s very frustrating to go to bed knowing that you’re very tired but to not be able to fall asleep. It’s also frustrating when you manage to fall asleep but you wake up tired because you couldn’t relax properly. These problems can be related to stress and various other factors which are not always easy to fix. But there is, however, something that you can do. You can make sure that your bedroom is a serene and relaxing environment by choosing the right colors and the right décor.


Orange bedroom
You can match the bedding with the walls for a cohesive décor

Green is a very beautiful color. It’s fresh and usually associated with nature so it can be a great choice for the bedroom. If you choose to paint the walls green, make sure you choose a pleasant shade. Pastel shades are always nice choices. But if it’s too light then it can become ugly so try to opt for a darker shade of green.

It’s important to create a relaxing mood using colors that are tranquil and soft. Colors that remind us of nature, such as green, are very comforting.


Orange bedroom
You can alternate various shades of blue for a less monotonous look

Blue is a color usually associated with water or with the sky. Even though it’s a cold color, it’s also very calming and relaxing. It looks wonderful when combined with white. However, make sure you also use warm colors such as earthy browns, yellow or red in order to create a nice balance in the room.

If you’re serious about relaxing in the bedroom then maybe you should consider giving up the TV. You might think that watching TV is relaxing but it actually stimulates your brain and doesn’t allow it to unwind.


Orange bedroom
You can use purple as an accent color for only one wall and you can match that with the bedding

Purple is a very interesting color. It’s the result of combining blue and red, a cold and a warm tone. This makes it difficult to say whether purple is a cold color or not. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful color that can also be soothing and relaxing. We’ve talking here about light shades of purple such as lilac.

The colors are important in the case of the bedroom but so is the fact that this room needs to be clean and airy. A bedroom which is cluttered, with clothes sitting on chairs and with things out of place is not a relaxing environment. So make sure your bedroom is always clean and organized.


Orange bedroom
A very light and soft shade of pink makes the room feel bright and warm at the same time

We are aware of the fact that pink is a girly color but this time we’re only focusing on the effects that this color can have on our brain. A pastel shade of pink can be very soothing and calming. It should be a very light color, almost white but warmer. You can then complement the background with some accent feature also featuring this color but in more vibrant shades.

Lavender is known to have beneficial effects and to be relaxing so use this soothing scent in the bedroom in order to sleep better. You can try using lavender spray on the pillowcases or you can have lavender plants in the room.


Orange bedroom
You can use different shades of orange and you can also mix them with yellows

This might come as a surprise, but a color doesn’t have to be a pastel in order to be relaxing and soothing. For example, orange is a very strong color. Nevertheless, it can be a wonderful choice for the bedroom. It’s a warm and vibrant color that creates a cheerful atmosphere and this can help yu sleep better.

Besides color, another important element that can influence the atmosphere in the bedroom and that can make you sleep better is temperature. Maybe you’ve noticed that you sleep better when the room feels cold than when it’s hot inside. So it would be a good idea to turn down the heat for better rest.

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