Colors That Bring Life and Vibrancy Into Any Room for 2013

Cozy vibes and peaceful spaces are a definite necessity for your home, but it’s also nice to have a room or corner of the house decorating with a lively, vibrant vision in mind. You can create something invigorating and inspiring just by changing out your colors. We’ve put together a color list that includes trendy 2013 colors that bring life and vibrancy into any room. Check out our favorites!

1. Poppy Red.

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More feminine than a juicy apples, poppy reds are full of life and passion. This color can easily envelope a room and accent with ease. Whether it’s the dining room or the guest bedroom, poppy red is a sure fire way to induce the senses. It looks modern and contemporary with a dose of black or cool and crisp with a softer shade of pink. Maybe try it out in the breakfast nook to liven up your mornings.

2. Lemony Yellow.

Tiny green tiles for bathroomView in gallery

Yellow can be bland and yellow can be a bit drab, but it can always be fresh and happy. This year yellows are taking over the runways but they can easily take over you house too. My favorite place to display a zesty yellow is in the kitchen for a light and airy feel, but it also looks perfect adorning the back porch or covered patio. And we love it which a little mango thrown in to accent!

3. Deep Teal.

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A bit bolder but with a calming escape, a deeper teal is perfect for a stylish twist and a powerful punch. But even with the bits of serenity, this darker teal can really make a room dance. It’s especially nice in large spaces and contrasted with a very bright white. We love it dressing the furniture too!

4. Burnt Orange.

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This color is more than alive. When used in bigger bouts, burnt orange looks like it’s moving right in front of your eyes. That’s why it’s a great choice for rooms that have a lot of traffic. Dining rooms, kitchens and living rooms are a good place to start and test out the orange waters.

5. Grass Green.

Tiny green tiles for bathroomView in gallery

It looks great on a blazer, but does a grass green really look great in your house? Yes, yes and yes! Used in the right ways, grass green in the most perfect way to breathe true, natural life and organic vibes into you house. It’ll make you feel healthier, it’ll make you smile and it’ll be easier than you think to create a style around it.

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