Colorful W Hotel in Puerto Rico

Summer is the season of holidays, of action and vivacity. People try to find different places for a relaxing vacation feel nice and comfortable and enjoy the summer beauties. Summer is a season full of dynamism and life and you may notice the vivid colors that appear everywhere you go from people’s clothes to pieces of furniture or decorative items. The nuances of yellow, light green, red, turquoise, blue or purple may inspire you energy and joy.

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The same feelings you will have if you visit this wonderful and colorful  W Hotel. It is located in a wonderful place called Vieques Island, Puerto Rico.

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W hotel Vieques Island 1View in gallery

W Hotel is a wonderful place which will surprise with its vibrant colors that appear all over the place. There are colored wallpapers and different pieces of furniture or decorative elements like: lamps, pillows outdoor pieces of furniture and so on. If all these pieces will inspire you energy and life there some other contrasting spaces which are dominated by a subtle light, dark nuances which create an intimate and mysterious atmosphere.

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The pieces of furniture are modern and many of them have a summer, relaxing design which will make you feel comfortable and nice.On the outdoor terraces you may admire the beautiful views offered by the surrounding beaches.Here you will rediscover the joy of life and perhaps these vibrant colors will give some new ideas for some interior designs of your own home.