Colorful swedish woven rug

Since winter doesn’t seem to leave us alone soon, we still need to keep our homes warm and cozy. We’re not talking about major renovations but about some specific items such as the rugs. They can be a great addition to the house during this season. We found a very beautiful rug that would work wonderfully for just about any home.This colorful and beautiful rug was woven by the experiences and clever Siv Andersson. She lives in the small historic village of Bladinge in Smaland.

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She has been weaving all her life and she’s very skilled. She also sold her rugs in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s. Lately Siv has woven many of her rugs in the technique called “Kypert” which gives a diagonal pattern in the warp and also gives thick and stable rugs that lay very well on the floor and are wonderful to tread on. This particular rug was woven in 2011.

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It features soft and delicate colors and simple but good-looking horizontal stripes. The colors have been beautifully mixed. As always, Siv didn’t feel good until the technique was perfect and the rug looked wonderful. Siv only uses recycled materials that have been first carefully washed for weaving. All cloth is ironed and cut into strips. The stripes are rolled and stored in a warm and dry room and then Siv weaves then into rugs such as this one.Availabl freom 150$.