Colorful Spot-On Bath Mat

Add some color in your bathroom with these funny mats. You’ll see that the atmosphere will be happier and you’ll have a nicer start in the morning. It’s natural to be like that. The atmosphere you wake up with in the morning is crucial and it can dictate how your whole day will be like. And since the bathroom is usually the first place you visit in the morning, you should try to make it as pleasant and welcoming as possible.

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These colorful cut-pile bath mats are the perfect way to add some brightness in your life. They are made of 100% cotton and feature a fun design basically composed of several colorful circles arranged in a palette. There are several color combinations available so there are plenty of options to choose from. The mats are soft and fun and they were designed to lighten up your day.

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The mats are machine washable, yet another advantage. You can use multiple mats if you have a larger bathroom or you can alternate them or move them around if you have more than 1 bathroom. You can buy them for the special price of EUR18.93– EUR23.28. As for the care, just machine wash them in cold water, use only nonchlorine if needed and tumble dry on low heat. You should also use a rug pad.