Colorful Scandinavian Apartment Perfect Designed For A Young Couple

This is the perfect apartment for young couples. The apartment combines retro elements with modern ones, this mixture is so well done that you feel like you are in a Beatles clip.This “only” 90 square meters large apartment contains really cool selection of classic 50s & 60s furniture. The apartment is a Scandinavian and mid century modern design with multicolor effects. The dreamy rainbow colors like yellow, orange and blue warm the place up.

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The place gives a creative feeling, you can start creative writing and painting in your little Picasso world. The space itself is nice on its own with those large wide double doors and beautiful wooden floor.  The chandeliers that come down from the ceiling give an artistic taste from another planet bringing light from what looks like UFO’s.

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Owning a well designed colorful apartment brings many benefits: from a visually attractive thing to a sensitive and personalized lifestyle, connected to the inhabitant’s deepest needs and wishes. This great space is an example of how great partitioning and vividly bright spaces adorned with colors and patterns can transform a boring space into a youthful, elegant loft.

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The Scandinavian apartment is perfect for a young family where your children will grow in a color filled world. Best design I’ve ever seen! It gives a splash of joy to the world.{found on designattractor}.