Colorful “Proust” Armchairs by Alessandro Mendini

Armchairs supply the number of seats that a sofa can offer or sometimes they are used as decorative items.Usually, they are designed to be comfortable and make you feel nice. Armchairs are wonderful seats where you can rest for a couple of moments or perfect places for watching TV.

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Alessandro Mendini designed “Proust” armchairs. Their shape is traditional and remind you of Marcel Proust‘s novel “Dans la recherché du temps perdu” and his subjective memory. A perfume, a madeleine or something else are things that remind the protagonist of the novel some moments of his life.

Mendini proust chairs blue

Mendini proust chairs blue

“Proust” armchairs are full of color and they remind you of the beauty of life, the warm of our world and the joyful nature which surrounds us. They will make your interior become more alive and will inspire you a very good mood, which will make feel comfortable and full of joy.