Colorful Pets at DOMO’s Office

Every office is a reflection of the firm’s products, or services. Such a place is DOMO’s office located in Bucharest, Romania. Everywhere you go you can see their lovely mascots DO and MO, which are represented by a colorful cat and dog.

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The offices are situated on the highest floors of Business Park building. Their spaces occupy 1,500 square meters. Everything is spacious, including the kitchens and the terrace that offers beautiful views. The employees can’t complain about one thing: They are surrounded by smiling pets that don’t require feeding or any special care. You can bump into one of these mascots everywhere, from the kitchen to the elevator.

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The place is very modern, it features huge windows that soak the office in natural light while offering lovely views at the same time. The space is kept quite simple, with a neutral color palette that creates the feeling of a bright and airy place. Nevertheless, they focused their attention on these two characters, DO and MO, that sometimes look as if they came to life.

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But wait, that’s not all. You can also see an aquarium with little fish in it, or details such as flowers or stickers that put a smile on your face. It is a great place to work and be creative.{found on wall-street}.