Colorful nursery décor with an artistic touch

This nursery is eye-catching because it’s unlike most similar rooms. Usually nurseries are decorated with pastel colors and all sorts of cliché accessories. In this case, the walls have been painted grey, an unusual color for any room of the house. The walls were the starting point. The parents wanted to think out of the box and to create an original décor that would also match the rest of the house.

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Since the nursery is actually not that big, choosing grey as the main color for the walls was a bold choice. Even though it’s a strong and dark color, the room is airy and bright. The rest of the décor features lighter colors. For example, the curtains are white and so is the crib. Everything is simple and functional. To add some pattern, a black and white rug was used that complements beautifully the décor. The walls are decorated with photo frames and all sorts of personalized items.

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The parents are musicians and they also wanted to incorporate that in the design. There’s a mini-guitar hanging on the wall near the window. The details and accessories in this room are eclectic. They are items gathered from friends, families and some of them belonged to the parents. However, even though separately they are individual items that have nothing in common, together they fit like the pieces of a puzzle.{found on apartmenttherapy}.