Colorful Mosaic Bathtub by Mosaic Sweden

Summer is the season when nature reaches its maturity. You will see an explosion of green rests and hills, beautiful fields with flowers of all colors and gorgeous landscapes which take your breath away even if you are on the peak of a mountain, on a country side hill or on an exotic island.The numerous kinds of scents and colors will charm you with their fragrance and vivid nuances that will fill your soul with joy and optimism.Once you see this Mosaic Bathtub designed by Mosaic Sweden, you will get the same feelings.

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Its presence will make you feel full of energy and life. It is a beautiful claw foot bathtub covered by a mosaic tile which presents you the image of a colorful field with flowers. There are used energizing and vivid colors like white, blue, purple or green. In the middle of this image there are some red poppies. They will make you think of those hot summer days when you used to travel by car and admire the wide fields of flowers.

The advantage of a mosaic tile is that creates a different effect when you stand back as compared to a closer position. So, each time you get close or distant from this bathtub you will get the image of a new design which will enchant your sights.