Colorful modern interior by Mae Brunken Designs

Today it’s time to show you a very inspiring interior design created by the team from Mae Brunken Designs. As always, their design is bold and modern, full of vibrant colors and harmonious combinations of materials. Let’s take a look at this lovely apartment for example. The kitchen is very beautifully decorated and it gets out of the standard dull design. The orange dining chairs are really popping out, especially in combination with the blue from the cabinets and the neutral white.

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The living room is also attractive, but in a different way.. Here you can’t see the same vibrant colors and pop out like in the kitchen. The living room is still colorful and dynamic but it’s a little more calm and relaxing. For the furniture brown was the main color and the different tones and textures create a beautiful diversity.

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The rug from the living room is also one of the main details that attract attention. It really adds dynamism to the room and it goes well with the rest of the elements. The drapes are the ones that immediately caught my attention. I really like the diversity of colors and the way they blend together and form. Of course, not all the room are as colorful as this one. If you prefer something simpler take a look at some of the other public rooms.