Colorful Jelly sofa with egg shaped pillows

More color, more joy, that’s my motto. And that’s also Adrenalina’s conception, considering that most of its products are joyful and intense colored. Even Easter has just ended, when I first saw the Jelly sofa from Adrenalina I thought about the Easter eggs. The sofa has some fix and mobile pillows which look like some colorful Easter eggs. Sitting on this couch you will expect at any moment an Easter bunny to jump from behind.

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The upholstered sofa is designed by Simone Micheli for the 2012 collection and it is created for three persons. The sofa has a simple, yet joyful colored design, which makes it fit different spaces. It is perfect for a nursery room, but also for modern living rooms or halls. The upholstery comes in two color options. You can choose between a yellow and a green seat, both of them having a checkered pattern. This model also gives the impression of fun and play.

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The oval pillows are in shape of eggs and in different colors. The sofa has one row of six pillows which work as a backrest and another row of mobile pillows which you can arrange as you want or your own comfort. The legs of the sofa have a wooden aspect which makes the entire product look very simple and easy to match with any design. Your children will be very excited about this colorful sofa and even you will feel on it like a baby bird in its nest.