Colorful Ideas To Visually Enlarge Your Small Bathroom

In most homes, the size of the bathrooms is always small and if you are experiencing same, it simply means you are not alone. If you should opt for home improvements that are geared towards physically enlarging your small bathroom, it is sure to be very expensive and time consuming, with all the attendant stress. Not to worry though because with the few listed colorful ideas below, you will be able to visually enlarge your small bathroom without being stressed both physically and financially.

small bathroom creative tile
Use tile to add visual appeal to your bathroom

Don’t underestimate the power of color:

Research has shown that using more of dark colors in a small bathroom makes it look and feel smaller but the reverse is the case when you add lighter colors. If the cabinetry in the bathroom is brown, you can visually enlarge the space by going for tiles that are of light color, may be the same as the bathtub and also have brown designs. Ensure that the tiles you opt for are larger in size as this helps to make the space look larger.

small bathroom color idea
Color can enhance any small bath

Save space with creative sinks:

What you want is more space in your bathroom and having cabinetry and vanity in there would not help matters. This is where the pedestal sink comes in. Since they are mostly wall mounted, it gives you enough floor space in the bathroom. Go for one with a single rack underneath where you can spread your wet towel or even fold and keep your dry towel underneath.

small bathroom purple color
Small bathrooms can save space with a pedestal sink

Natural light:

When there is natural light in your small bathroom, not only does it make the space more interesting, it also makes it feel more open. Should the space come with high windows, such that when left uncovered, you can still have privacy in your bathroom, leave them uncovered. This way, you are able to allow natural light to completely illuminate the small space. If the windows are low, you can go for tube skylights which are cost-effective means of bringing in more light to your bathroom.

small bathroom light blue color
Natural light will enhance the color of your bathroom

Great lighting sources:

If your small bathroom is just bright enough for you to look into the mirror, it is time to do something about it. When shadows are cast in every corner in a small space, it makes the place even smaller. Therefore, there is the urgent need for you to install bright lighting systems for that amazing feel and look of bright and whiter light in your bathroom.

small bathroom colorful tile
Use colorful punches of eye-catching tile!

By now, you must have deduced that owning a small bathroom might not be a challenge after all. The reason being that with the above colorful ideas to visually enlarge your small bathroom, you will be able to own a bathroom that feels and looks larger and cozier without spending much.

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