Colorful home in L.A. by Richard Neutra

This residence is located in L.A. It’s a modern house with a simple design. It doesn’t look very impressive from the outside. However, the interior comes with a big surprise. Inside this lovely home that was designed by Richard Neutra you can see an invasion of color and texture. Each room seems to have a different star color.

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The house features glass walls that separate the social areas from the outdoors but, at the same time, connects these spaces and creates a seamless transition. The glass walls allow you to take a peek inside. There you can see that the décor is very dynamic and colorful. The living room features a series of orange armchairs and a matching sofa.

Colorful midcentury house

These elements, in combination with the wooden ceiling, create a very interesting image. The orange from the furniture seems to be reflected on the ceiling. The wooden elements add warmth to the décor while the furniture makes this space seem very casual.

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The dining room is also very interesting. It’s a space that’s separated from another lounge area by a matte glass wall. There’s also a large glass wall separating it from the outdoor area. The dining room chairs feature a semi-transparent design that looks very interesting in combination with the rug and its rich pattern. The lounge area is a little simpler. It features a series of storage compartments and shelves on one wall, a colorful painting on the other and a sofa with a matching armchair and a glass coffee table in between. The other rooms of the house are similar to these ones: they are modern, simple but with strong splashes of color and pattern.