Colorful Furniture by Moroso

Colors make our life more joyful and beautiful. A place without color is an empty place which will have a negative influence on our mood. Our day becomes more beautiful and relaxing when we see a light blue sky, a field with flowers or a beautiful sunset.

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These are our little joys of life which fill our soul with happiness and emotion.Button Down Collection, designed by Edward van Vliet is colorful living room furniture that comes from Moroso, based on the use of various, bright and vivid colors like yellow, blue, white and red. It will fill your room and soul with optimism and joy. You can notice the use of symmetry, all the elements have round shapes and the motif of sun or circle is everywhere. As a particular and funny element used there the buttons that appear at the front side of the sofa.

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The collection consists of a sofa, an armchair and two side tables of different sizes. Their modern design and beautiful colors will make your room become more dynamic and full of life. Your guests will appreciate the comfort of your furniture and the relaxing atmosphere that you have created using this collection from Moroso.