Colorful Foldable Chair by Andrés Lhima

The Foldable Chair that Andrés Lhima designed is nothing like the traditional foldable chairs we’re used with. The name instantly awakens the image of a small and practical chair that can be folded and that’s also portable. Well, this is indeed a practical piece of furniture, it’s a chair, it’s foldable, but it’s not what we would have expected.

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First of all, the dimensions of the chair are larger than we expected. That’s because this is no ordinary folding chair. It was designed by Andrés Lhima back in 2009 and it doesn’t have a solid structure. Instead, it encourages people to repurpose things. The chair is portable and foldable and it was designed to be filled by the user with anything from PET bottles to paper, fallen leaves, to bags and cloths. It’s an unconventional method but also a very clever idea.

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The chair is very versatile. You can basically use anything you can find near you to fill it and to then be able to comfortable sit on it. The interior of the chair features seat and back cushions and this ensures a certain level of comfort. Everything else depends on you and the choice you make when it comes to finding materials to fill the chair with. The interior is also very easy to clean so there’s nothing to worry about. The dimensions of this unusual chair are 15.5l x 11.5″w pouch and when it’s assembled it measures 29h x 29l x 17.75″d. it’s made of plastic mesh and it’s produced in Mexico.Available for $85$.