Colorful flat interior design by Carmen Rivero in Madrid

We all dream about how to decorate our house in order to reval our personality, but when the owner of the house is a designer, we expect the best of it and when the designer is Carmen Rivero, our expectations are even greater! Her home is a flat in the centre of Madrid, Las Vistillas, her personal escape and the place which provides new ideas. She reformed it with the help of an interior designer, Justin Taylor Ignacio and the result is a success.

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The flat is divided into two spaces, one including the living, the kitchen and the office, while the other is more private, with bedroom and bathroom. The only thing that remained is the hydraulic tiling which delineates the spaces and becomes an important decorative element. The personal style of the owner and designer can be best seen in her office, but not only: the sobriety of two leather armchairs with Oriental cushions, the collection of crystals which coexist with the multicolor sofa.

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The bedroom is a pleasant combination of textiles, furniture and objects from various backgrounds and ages, creating a hippy atmosphere with an inviting mixture of colors and textures. Her creativity can be perceived in all the rooms of the house, which at Christmas time acquire a festive air, special and innovative at the same time. Everything is cheerful and fresh,the atmosphere is surprising and  festive, warm and inviting!{found on micasarevista}.