Stylish Trays Decorated In Some Pretty Unusual Ways

Trays are pretty versatile but they’re not something we usually think about or even look for in a store. They’re one of those things that can be really inspiring if you take the time to make it look special. There are tons of great ways in which you can decorate a tray or make it stand out and some involve some pretty unusual techniques and materials. We’ll reveal some of these in the following examples.

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A really interesting idea if, let’s say, you have some sea glass, is to use that to make an interesting-looking tray or to bring an old one back to life. This project starts with an old tray which you lightly sand in order to remove shiny lacquer or old paint. After that, give the tray a few fresh coats of spray paint. After that it’s time to add the colorful sea glass pieces. You can usually find these at the beach. For this part you’ll need adhesive, premixed grout, a toothed trowel, a rubber tile float and a sponge. You can find all the necessary instructions on sandandsisal.

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An old tray can also be brought back to life by some interesting-looking wrapping paper. In fact, it’s actually the color and pattern that give the tray character and with so many different ones to choose from you shouldn’t have any trouble making your tray look beautiful. Let’s now see how it all works. First you cut a piece of wrapping paper slightly larger than the tray. Put it inside the tray and cut along the creases with a sharp knife. Take the paper out, put glue inside the tray and then put it back in. this is a project we found on curiousandcatcat.

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Working with mosaics can be quite fun and rewarding. Try something simple at first like a mosaic tray similar to the one we found on realitydaydream. The project starts with an old tray. After sanding it and applying primer, it was time to lay decorative glass tiles inside it. Basically you just glue them there one by one until you cover the whole surface. You might need to cut some in half. After that, pour the epoxy over the tiles. It should cover them completely. Get rid of all the bubbles and let it dry for a few hours.

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In case you have some old saucers or plates that don’t match your set, you should make something interesting out of them. Perhaps a custom tray would be a good idea. You can find out how this works on justasmidgen. It all starts with some china which you break into a bunch of small pieces. You then arrange them all inside a tray creating a pattern that you like. Then add some glue to make them stay in place. Let the glue dry and then apply grout. Let it set and then uncover each piece of the mosaic with a damp rag or a sponge.

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You can also do a lot of fun things using marble contact paper. For example, you can make a very stylish and elegant tray. For that, you’ll require a piece of wood, two leather straps and gold thumbtacks in addition to the marble contact paper. Cover three thirds of the wood with contact paper, leaving an edge as it is. Then attach the two leather straps with thumb tacks. This is a project we found on brepurposed.porch.

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Marble contact paper can also be used to cover the bottom of a tray. This can be easily done even if the tray is circular, like the one on kristimurphy. It’s all really simple actually. You need to trace the inside of the tray onto the back of the contact paper. Cut along the line and peel the backside of the paper. Then stick it onto the tray and smooth out any air bubbles.

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You can also give a tray a marbled look without even using marble contact paper. It can all be done with colored sharpies. It all starts with a dish you want to use as a tray and with three sharpies of different colors. Use the markers to casually color the dish. Then pour some alcohol in and the colors will begin to mix. Dry out the alcohol to create interesting shapes. You can better visualize this part on artdecorationcrafting.

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In case you don’t have a tray to decorate, you can make one. You’ll find an interesting suggestion on theflourishingabode. The idea suggested here is to use a piece of auto glass, four tiny copper feet and a glue gun. First you clean the glass and then you fill the copper feet with hot glue. Measure and mark where you want the feet to go and and then adhere them with more glue. That’s the whole project.