DIY Paper Pumpkins – The Perfect Fall Project

Pumpkins are autumn are basically synonyms at this point. As soon as fall comes, we start thinking about all the fun things we can do with pumpkins, such as home décor and all sorts of other ingenious crafts. Today we’ll have a look at a series of DIY projects involving paper pumpkins. More specifically, we’ll learn together how to make paper pumpkins and how to decorate with them.

pumpkin shape out of a piece of paper

For the first project you’ll need an old book. First make a pumpkin shape out of a piece of paper. Fold the paper in half to make it symmetrical. Trace around the pattern onto the book pages. After this, cut the pages. If the book is too thick, remove the excess pages. Put a strip of glue on the edge of the book and bring the back page around to attach it. Glue the next page onto the first one. Then spray paint the pumpkin orange and add a stem. Check out Creationsbykara for more detailed info.

Rustic paper pumpkins diy

The same process is also described on Upcycledtreasures. This time, however, there’s no spray paint. The pumpkin is left all natural and this gives it a vintage and very intriguing look. Depending on the dimensions of the book you plan on using, the size of the pumpkin will vary as well.


Another, perhaps simpler way of crafting paper pumpkins is described on Craftinessisnotopotional. The supplies needed include two sheets of matching scrapbook paper, ribbon, a hole punch and a paper cutter. Cut strips of paper and punch a hole in the ends. Run ribbon through the holes and then pull it through the other set of holes. Tie a knot and fan out the strips.

Colorful paper pumpkins

A similar project is also featured on Onebusywahm. The process is pretty much the same. You cut strips of orange paper, make holes and then you gather them all together. This time, however, you’ll be using a green pipe cleaner. You can fan out the strips during the first part of the project so you can arrange them more easily later on. This way they’ll be spaced out evenly. Gather them all at the top and add two paper leaves.

Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

If you like tiny pumpkins, Domesticallyblissful offers a really interesting idea. The basic materials needed include empty toilet paper rolls, scissors and twine. The instructions go like this: first you flatten the roll and cut rings. Then you decorate the rings using washi tape, glitter and whatever else you can think of. Run a strand of twine through the center of the rings, pull tight and tie a knot. Add a stem in the center.

Paper accordion paper

A slightly more abstract design can be found on Thechillydog. Here, you can find out how to make accordion fold paper pumpkins. Start with an orange piece of cardstock. Cut it into strips and fold them to obtain that accordion pattern. Press the two ends together and glue them. Then turn each ring into a rosette. Glue them all onto cardboard circles. And slide them down a dowel.

DIY pupmkins from paper

The same type of design but without the cardboard circles is also described on Diyinspired. For this project you need colored paper, a cutter, double sided tape, a hot glue gun and some twine and sticks. Cut the strips, fold them into rosettes and glue them together. Glue a stick, leaves and twine on top.

DIY 3D Paper Pumpkin

If you’re looking for something simpler than that, check out the 3D pumpkins featured on Domesticallyblissful. They’re made using scrapbook paper, a pumpkin template, glue and sticks or twigs. Use the template to trace the shape onto the paper. Cut it out and fold each pumpkin in half. You need six of them for each pumpkin. Then take them two by two and glue the sides together. Repeat until you form the pumpkin.

Origami Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin

Origami pumpkins are a lot of fun and can be customized in a lot of cute and interesting ways. To make them you need origami paper, scissors, a glue stick and clear tape. You can find instructions on how to fold the paper on Pinkstripeysocks. Once the pumpkin is complete. Use clear tape to keep the folds in check. Add a stem and facial features.