Cute And Colorful Projects Featuring Decorative Pillows

You can rarely get it wrong with decorative pillows. They’re really versatile and, besides being cozy and comfortable, they also look nice when used as decorations for the sofa, armchair, bench, bed, etc. however, finding one that looks exactly the way you want is often an impossible task so you’re left with the second option: crafting something yourself.

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DIY Decorative Pillow For BedroomView in gallery

DIY Decorative Pillow For Bedroom1View in gallery

You can start with a black pillow cover and give it a complete makeover. Use colored ribbon for that. You can create geometric designs and abstract and interesting patterns. Also, the designs you create can be both minimalistic and complex, depending on the look you prefer. The pillows will add color and cheer to any room.

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Another simple way to update the look on your pillows is with new covers which you can craft yourself if you have some fabric that you like and a sewing machine. In fact, this is one of the simplest DIY projects you can ever find. Measure the pillow, cut out the fabric and start sewing. {found on homeyohmy}.

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On Theshabbycreekcottage you can find out how you can decorate your pillows with iron on vinyl. Basically you just have to iron the design onto the pillow cover. Any black cover would do and you can create all sorts of interesting color combinations and messages to display. Check out the full tutorial for more detailed info.

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Color blocking is a lot of fun and you can use this technique in a lot of different and crafty ways. For example, use fabric in three or more different colors to create a graphic pillow cover design. The secret is to keep things simple and to not allow yourself to get drawn in by the little details and ornaments which you could add.{found on classyclutter}.

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Another way to give your pillows a makeover while allowing them to keep their cozy look is by using tassle trim. You need the pillow cover, the trim, a glue gun, cardboard and scissors. Iheartnaptime offers a simple tutorial on the subject. Similarly, you can also use pom-poms to give your pillows and fresh and cute look.

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Polka dots are very cute and very versatile so it’s no wonder that you can use them to make some really lovely pillows. You can use fabric paint to design a custom pillow case and you can combine any colors that you like. Put a sheet of cardboard inside the pillow case so the color doesn’t bleed through and ruin the other side. {found on thecraftedlife}.

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In case you love simplicity, Sugarandcloth offers you a really cute option. The tufted pillow design featured here can be made from scratch using simple monochromatic fabric and large buttons. Basically, after you sew the pillow case and fill it, cover a button in fabric of a different color and sew it at the center of the pillow. You can also do that for pillows you already have.

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If you want to give your pillows an artistic look, have a look at the design ideas offered on Journeycreativity. You’ll need fabric, paint, water, paintbrushes and lavender. The lavender is meant to keep the moths away and to make the pillows smell nice. The water-colored design is unique for each pillow.

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Use the cross-stitch technique to decorate a plain pillowcase and make it stand out. If you decide to also make the pillow case from scratch, you’ll need some fabric for that part. For the cross-stitched design you’ll need yarn or embroidery floss, a needle, a pattern, thread and pins. Put a piece of fabric that will serve as the front of the pillow, pin your paper pattern on it and then cross-stitch the design. Remove the paper and then put the case together.{found on cutesycrafts}.

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The geometric designs featured on Angeanblog are pretty easy to replicate. The supplies needed include scrap fabric pieces, thread, pillows, an iron, scissors, a marker, paper, pins and a sewing machine. Measure the pillow and trace that on paper. Then sketch your design. This will serve as a guide when it’s time to cut the fabric pieces to the right size and shape. After you cut these, put them together like pieces of the puzzle and sew them to make the cover.

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A scalloped pillow case can look really cute and stylish, especially if you want to use different colors or various tones of the same color. You can learn how to get that design right by following the instructions on Mottesblog. You’ll need felt, a pillow case, a pencil, scissors, a small glass and fabric glue. First make lots of felt circles and then cut some of them in half. Arrange them across the pillow case and when you’re happy with the look start to glue them on one by one.

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We also found a really cute idea for a chunky knitted pillow on Lebenslustiger. If you want to make this at home, you’ll need a chunky wool needle, a circular knitting needle, an inner cushion, scissors, a felting needle and wool. You can actually use this technique to also knit cute poufs and floor pillows for your home.

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A perfect idea for summer can be to make a cute strawberry pillow that will cheer up the décor. For that you’ll need linen fabric, scraps of red and green fabric, a zipper, fusible web, a strawberry pattern, bronze paint, a paintbrush and masking tape. Blackwalnutstitch offers you all the necessary details to ensure a successful project.

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A gold touch can really change things, making them more glamorous and stylish so if you want to incorporate this idea into your DIY pillow design then you should check out Abeautifulmess for some inspiration. To create that design you’ll need gold foil, adhesive, a paintbrush, parchment paper, plain white cotton fabric, scissors, an iron and pillow insert.

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Add a fresh touch to the décor with a pillow inspired by nature. The design on ideas.stitchcraftcreate is perfect for that. To make such a cute and beautiful pillow you’ll need green and white fabric, batting, muslin, templates for the design and scissors. This project is a little more complicated than others but still fun and interesting.

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Pom-poms are cute and really easy to use as well if, for example, you want to decorate a pillow case with them. Basically you can just put a dab of glue on each one and then stick them onto the pillow. But first you should lay down all the pom-poms so you can be sure you’ll like the pattern. You can draw a tiny mark where you want each pom-pom to be placed.

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You can also use pom-poms in a more elaborate way. For example, arrange them in the shape of a heart. To make a pillow that looks just like the one on seamsandscissors you’ll need white fabric, red yarn, red fabric paint, a paintbrush, scissors, thread, stuffing, fabric glue and a pom-pom maker. After you’ve created the pillow case, draw a heart on the front and paint it red. Then glue red pom-poms on it until you cover the heart entirely.

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There are also lots of cute ideas you can try if you want to make festive pillows for Christmas. For example, check out the lovely Christmas pillows featured on snugglebuguniversity. One looks like a fluffy Santa Claus and the other has a lovely fir tree on it. They make a wonderful duo and they’re also easy to make.

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If you prefer something simpler, check out the crochet tree pillow featured on shesgotthenotion. For this project you’ll need green yarn, a crochet hook, a sewing needle and thread and a white pillow cover. Follow the step by step instructions to make the cute tree and then sew it onto the pillow.

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The no-sew holiday pillows featured on thewonderfulforest are also quite simple and also easy to make. They require some fabric, felt, scissors, a glue gun, stuffing and patterns. Cut out felt letters and lay them onto the fabric after you’ve cut it to size. When you’re happy with the proportions and the placement, glue the letters to the fabric. Then sew the back piece on and add the filling.