Colorful Designer Lamps from Alfred Shaheen

Whatever type of light fitting you’re thinking of purchasing, you should take time to think about the effect you’re hoping to achieve, and this means taking into account the size of the space you are planning to illuminate as well as the rest of the decor. The colorful lamps designed by Alfred Shaheen are available in a variety of models, creating a special ambiance. The prices for this lamps is really cheap from 100$ at

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Because of the floral patterns, these lamps would better fit into a bedroom. But there are also other types of patterns and designs for the other rooms of the house as well. They are simple, fresh and modern. The design Is not too bold and the colors used are soft. Another reason why I think they would best fit into the bedroom.

Colorful Designer Lamps from Alfred Shaheen1

They create a beautiful light, not very bright but not too soft either. It would make a beautiful addition to a modern interior, whether you choose to have it in your living room or in the bedroom, or even in the kitchen or hallway. It’s actually a very versatile piece. I’m sure you’ll be pleased to have it in your home. It has a very pleasant and relaxing look, without being boring or impersonal.