The colorful Crocs headquarters in Amsterdam

Crocs, the famous company that specializes in manufacturing the shoes we all know under the same name, has moved into the new headquarters. The company was founded in 2002 and it recently moved its headquarters to Amsterdam. The interior of this new building was designed by The One Off. As expected, the interior is very playful and colorful.

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The company’s new European headquarters features large brand graphics and an overall friendly and dynamic décor. The theme is nature, more exactly trees. This creates a very fresh atmosphere but also mimics the outdoors, bringing a piece of nature inside even if it’s just an illusion. The interior design is very creative. The main color is green, combined with yellow and brown. Even though the décor seems to be very dynamic and colorful, the overall design is actually very simple.

Crocs HQ Fresh DecorView in gallery

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The reception area is minimalist and features the brand’s logo as well as inspiring message. The headquarters includes both offices, private work areas and social spaces. There’s a very beautiful and casual dining room with colorful mosaic on the floor, green walls decorated with trees, small round tables with beige finishes and chairs in either beige or green. There are also a series of artificial wooden sculptures representing trees with birds in them. The offices are arranged around a curved green volume with the same tree pattern as in the rest of the space.