10 Colorful Couches to Help You Be Bold

You’ve heard the advice. Go for a safe color. Brown or navy or cream, something that will match. But you still love that image of that bright yellow couch in that living room. So the question is, why not go for what you love? Brightly colored couches are seriously on trend right now and unlikely to be going anywhere any time soon. Such a large piece of furniture promises to make a big impact on your living room, especially when it’s yellow. Take a look at these 10 colorful couches that will help rustle up some boldness to go bright.

yellow couch

Since I mentioned yellow, that’s where we’ll start. Wouldn’t it be the nicest thing in the world to spend a sunny afternoon on this sunny yellow couch? You won’t be able to help but smile. Since yellow is a warm color, it will go perfectly with your wood and gold accents. Pair it with brown, cream and pastel blue. (via Domaine)

hot pink couch

Bright pink? Why not! Whether you find an antique sofa in this popping shade or have one of yours reupholstered, it’s a great way to bring a serious touch of girly-ness to a bachelorette pad. Plus, pink is a color that will work with wood floors or carpet. Pair it with red, blush pink and tan. (via Apartment Therapy)

blue couch

This lovely couch will make you feel anything but blue. A cool but bright color will be the perfect shade for a classy yet family friendly living room and make the best spot for reading books as a family. Pair it with navy, emerald green and cream.

orange couch

You just gotta love orange, especially if you’re going for a bohemian or mid century styled home. Burnt works best and goes great with some mixed wooden side tables. If you choose a sofa like this one, you’ll have an easy time if you ever decide to recover it because there’s so little fabric. Pair it with gray, brown and yellow. (via Urban Outfitters)

emerald green couch

Have you ever thought about spending a Sunday afternoon lounging on an emerald green velvet sofa? This living room will make it your new daydream. Emerald green is a great compromise color for the couple who is blending households. Pair it with cream, black and bright blue.

red couch

Red is such a passionate color and a bold option for a sofa. Trust me when I say that your living room will become every photographers dream. Not only will your couch be the place of coffee and conversation, it will become a resting place for wedding dresses and baby booties. Pair it with pastel blue, dusty pink and pale yellow. (via de Gournay)

purple couch

Purple might seem like an unconventional color for a couch, but that makes the choice all the better. Guests will love the pop of surprise and you’ll probably be asked if it’s a family heirloom. You decide what to tell them. Pair it with lavender, cream and turquoise. (via Decoholic)

pale pink couch

Who says pastel can’t be a bright color too? After all, you don’t often see a pale pink couch. It will definitely give your living room the feminine, chic, Audrey Hepburn vibes that every girl wants. Just add some gold accents and you’re on your way. Pair it with red, emerald green and metallics. (via Lonny)

turquoise couch

When you thought blue, you probably didn’t think of turquoise. This bright shade is such a fun color and when you have a couch in it, you’ll be more than happy to sprinkle it throughout the rest of your decorating. Pair it with purple, gray and black. (via Apartment Therapy)

fuschia couch

You might be thinking “We did this one already,” but we haven’t. This couch is fuchsia which is a mix of purple and pink. Fuchsia is a wonderful color that will match with just about any style you’ve got going on in your living room. Seriously. Modern, vintage, bohemian, family friendly, fuchsia’s got the goods. Pair it with orange, black, yellow, blue… or any other colors you like. (via Bare Room)