How To Revive an Old chair Using Paint

All furniture starts to look old and ugly at some point but some pieces are more long-lasting than others. This also has to do with the ease with which they can be transformed and revived once they start to lose their appeal. Chairs are really great from this point of view. Transforming an old chair is often very easy, especially if all you want is a cosmetic makeover. A little bit of paint can do wonders.


An old dining chair that lost its charm a long time ago can become a stylish and trendy piece once more. You can give it a little bit of spark by using gold leaf and colored paint. The makeover featured on centsationalgirl illustrates that perfectly. After sanding the chair, the frame was primed and then water-based enamel paint was used. The final step was adding the gold leaf. It was applied one sheet at a time using spray adhesive.

mint chair makeover

A little bit of gold spray paint can make any chair stand out. First you should decide which areas you’d like to paint using this color. Take some tape (or not) and demarcate those areas. Apply a few coats of gold spray paint and allow it to dry. Then use tape around the already painted areas and apply paint to the rest of the frame. You can use white for a chic look, black for a dramatic impact or any other color. {found on brepurposed}

gold dipped plastic chair

Sometimes the transformation can be even simpler than that. If you find the chair good-looking but you’d like to change something about it, consider dipping the legs in paint. A white chair with gold accents could look really chic. All you need is some gold paint and painter’s tape. Apply tape to demarcate the area that you want to paint and apply two or three coats. You can find a few more details about this on houseologie.

Thrifted Side Chair Makeover

You can also find a detailed tutorial for a similar project on dreamgreendiy. In this case, a simple mid-century plastic side chair was used. The first step was to thoroughly clean the chair using an alcohol-based solution. Then mask off the seat using tape and some plastic bags. Apply gold spray paint to the chair legs. You can then do the same thing for the plastic seat if you’d like to change its color.

Class chair makeover

If you want to get creative and to explore your artistic side, the project on dreamalittlebigger could be an appealing option. To make something similar you’re going to need an old chair, some satin paint in various colors, a gold leaf kit, primer and gold spray paint. Prime and paint the legs first. Then take the seat and start painting it. Use gold spray paint on its entire surface. Add splashes of different-colored paint until you get the desired look. At the end, apply patches of gold leaf.

furry stool with gold legs

Not sure a makeover is the right project for you? Then perhaps you’d prefer to actually build something. You can check out the tutorial on abeautifulmess to find out how to make a chic stool with a comfy seat cover. You’re going to need a round wood board, some gold spray paint, four metal legs, angled leg plates, some sort of furry fabric and a staple gun. Attach the angled leg plates to the bottom of the wood circle. Then spray paint the legs gold and screw them in. then cut out a round piece of fabric larger than the actual seat. Staple it to the underside of the seat. Fold the edges and don’t staple the fabric too tightly if you want to give it a fluffy look.