Colorful ceramic table and stool sets

This is a beautiful collection designed for outdoor use. The collection includes round tables and square stools. They have simple designs, geometrical shapes and clean lines. The tables and the stools share the same colors and textures. They features lime green and ocean blue combination and all the bases are brown. Each piece is handcrafted of ceramic and then painted by hand with a durable, non-fading European glaze. This also means that each piece is unique and has its own particularities.

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The paint and the materials are outdoor safe. The pieces from this collection are manufactured in Thailand and finished in Germany. As for the dimensions, the tables measure 22″Dia. x 27.5″T and the dimensions of the stools are 14″Sq. x 19″T.

Ceramic stool1View in gallery

The collection is colorful and beautiful, perfect for outdoor use. The lines are clean and simple and the designs are casual and bold but in a simple way. The prices for each piece are variable. The blue ceramic table was originally $699 but now you have the opportunity to buy at the special price of $348. Each blue ceramic stool costs $350 and each green ceramic stool comes at the same price. The green ceramic table benefits from the same special price as the blue ones. The collection is wonderful for outdoor use, in gardens, near the pool, on terraces, decks etc.