Colorful ceramic makes the difference

Voyage is a key word in the field of interior finishes in ceramic, gres and porcelain; everything is about a texture formed by memories, but stories are the ones that bring to life this ceramic fabric. When you see these interior finishes, you have an incomparable sensation of tactile, enveloping and protective warmth at the same time. All these bring together the sophisticated roots of craft tradition adapted to the needs of the contemporary home, but nothing compares to the colors.

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They represent the voices that belong to the history of the world and us, our own feelings and emotions. The source of inspiration is simple and complex at the same time, as it is nature with its plants and mineral pigments, with character and contrasts. Every step you take into this world is just like a journey into a space, but beyond the personal one and which also brings together what was encountered along the way.

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The Voyage collection includes all kinds of decorations: hand-painted fabrics, ancient embossed glasswork, beautiful ceramics, rare historical lithographs, ornamental panels and the most intriguing aspect is that all of them are impressive, each telling its own story. Actually, each room tells a story, each space has its own personality and each corner is the most enchanting journey through beauty. What more could you desire? No matter where you look, color that draws your attention, no matter what shade you see, they are all inviting and comforting.