Colorful attic apartment in Barcelona

This is an 85 square meter apartment located in Barcelona. It features a bold interior design, with lots of bright and vibrant colors. It’s an attic apartment and it has been recently renovated. Several changes were made both in terms of internal structure as well as interior design. The corridor walls were removed and this allows the designers to create a larger area, brighter and more airy.

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The kitchen has also been renovated. New storage spaces were created throughout the apartment and the interior design was updated and transformed into a more modern décor. The owners of the apartment are a young couple. The interior décor reflect their personality. It’s colorful and chic with a modern twist. The living room is the most eye-catching part of the apartment. It has comfortable sofas and a couple of modern chairs and the whole room is decorated in tones of blue and white with some red accents.

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This is a very bold apartment with a bright and modern interior. In order to open up the rooms, the hallway had to be eliminated. An open space was created this way and it’s now filled with natural light projected from the terrace. As for the interior décor, the living room has a rich and colorful look, the kitchen is modern but less eye-catching and the bedroom is cozy and soothing. The bathroom floor was covered with natural stone and the kitchen was updated and features easy to clean materials. The furniture was designed entirely by Ares Fernandez and features simple lines and beautiful visual contrasts.{found on micasarevista}.