Colorful Armchair Designed by Giancarlo Zema

Armchairs are very important features in any house, whether they are for supplying seats to your room or just decorative items. They are the most important pieces of furniture when having a party or simply entertaining a couple of friends.

The Anemone Armchair1

Such an example is the Anemone Armchair, designed by Giancarlo Zema for Giovannetti. This beautiful chair can be a glamorous finishing touch for your home. It presents itself in two different color schemes and will bring a ray of sunshine to your life.

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Furthermore, this modern armchair is stylish and can satisfy any taste. It remind us of the beauty of the world, in the form of a rainbow. With such an addition to your home you will be inspired to create wonderful memories and it will surely boost your mood.The Anemone Armchair certainly looks comfy and is a funky feature, that will add a hint of color to your space.